About Us

At Moore Park Children’s Early Learning Centre we practice The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The Framework has a strong emphasis on play-based learning, as play is the best vehicle for young children’s learning providing the most appropriate stimulus for brain development.


Moore Park Children’s Early learning centre focuses on the individual child’s strengths, interests and needs. The children will engage in and learn through the environment and play-based experiences and along the way will meet and develop important milestones.

Children love to play, learn and explore and at Moore Park Children’s Early Learning Centre our educators create learning environments where the children are encouraged to grow and develop in areas of development creating opportunities for children to enhance their social, language, physical and creative skills. We take pride in providing an environment, which provides a home away from home by providing opportunities for parents and educators to work together and enhance a child’s learning and well being.

Parents Reviews

Maryam Al Ibrahim
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“Strategic location, qualified staff & a wonderful environment. The place stands out in that there is great communication between management & parents. The owners are very approachable & welcoming sparing no effort to make Moore Park early learning center another home for my daughter.”
Miquel Guisado
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“Great childcare! Teachers and owners create a great environment!”
Sarah Jackson
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“We will never find a centre like the MPELC. My child always has lovely days filled with fun activities. The staff are really patient and caring with our children.”
Hannah Hobbs
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“We have been really grateful for our time with you guys, and especially thankful for Nimita, Bel, Kristy, Sinead, Bella and many others, who have cared for and loved our kids so generously over the last few years. We are sad to say goodbye to these teachers that we love so much.”
Jeannou Van Ogtrop
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“Thank you so much for embracing the Dutch culture. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing activities you create every day.”
Tash McRoe
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“I would just like to say a big thank you to the staff for the love and care you have shown our little son Flynn. We could not be happier with his development and it is lovely to be included on numerous occasions in daily activities such as his Birthday and other celebrations. It is lovely to walk in the centre and be greeted with big smiles from the team. Again thank you so much and we wish you a wonderful Christmas and new year.”
Olivia H.
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“It is with great pleasure to give my high appreciation to educators for their educational programs in Wallabies. One of my favorite programs is about 5 stages of problem solving skills. The examples through role playing given by teachers were easily absorbed by children which can help them increase their problem solving skills and find best solution.”
Annalisa Pansini
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“Thanks to all our friends, because they’re not just teachers at Moore Park ELC. Oscar looked forward to coming every morning and could hardly wait to see what the day had in store. I had no doubt in the world that my most treasured possession was being well looked after, loved, inspired and guided in the right direction. Everybody here is patient, knowledgeable, nurturing and most of all really FUN. If I have 10 more children (heaven forbid!), they will all be coming here!”
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“A huge thanks to the Team for everything over the past few weeks. We can already see that Isobel has come on so much and is eager to keep learning and developing.”
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“We've just loved having the kids at daycare. Lukas and Elsie love their teachers and we've seen the centre really blossom over the 2+ years we've been part of it. We'll miss you all so much!”
Catherine & Uriah
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“We'd just like to say how much we've loved the carers in the Bilbies room. They have been so attentive and genuinely interested and loving with Hugo. They. We are very sad to leave but we would recommend your daycare to all our friends.”

What To Bring

At Moore Park Children’s Early Learning Centre we provide the following:


  • All meals (morning tea, hot lunch, dessert, afternoon tea, late snack)
  • All nappies
  • Sunscreen
  • Bottles (Advent)
  • Formula (S26 or Nan Pro)

You will need to provide your child with a HAT and little spare change, also spare of clothes in case they get messy or have accidents throughout the day. All Children need to bring fitted sheet for their cot or bed. These sheets will remain at the centre and will be washed by staff.

What Do Children Say