• “We've just loved having the kids at daycare.  Lukas and Elsie love their teachers and we've seen the centre really blossom over the 2+ years we've been part of it. We'll miss you all so much!” Thanks heaps. Cheers, Emily

  • “We'd just like to say how much we've loved the carers in the Bilbies room. They have been so attentive and genuinely interested and loving with Hugo. They. We are very sad to leave but we would recommend your daycare to all our friends.” Thanks again Catherine & Uriah

    Catherine & Uriah
  • “I would just like to say a big thank you to the staff for the love and care you have shown our little son Flynn. We could not be happier with his development and it is lovely to be included on numerous occasions in daily activities such as his Birthday and other celebrations. It is lovely to walk in the centre and be greeted with big smiles from the team. Again thank you so much and we wish you a wonderful Christmas and new year.” Kind Regards Tash McRoe

    Tash McRoe
  • “Thanks to all our friends, because they’re not just teachers at Moore Park ELC.  Oscar looked forward to coming every morning and could hardly wait to see what the day had in store.  I had no doubt in the world that my most treasured possession was being well looked after, loved, inspired and guided in the right direction.  Everybody here is patient, knowledgeable, nurturing and most of all really FUN.  If I have 10 more children (heaven forbid!), they will all be coming here!” Kind Regards Annalisa Pansini

    Annalisa Pansini
  • “A huge thanks to the Team for everything over the past few weeks. We can already see that Isobel has come on so much and is eager to keep learning and developing.” Kind Regards, Trish

  • It is with great pleasure to give my high appreciation to Mrs.Maci for her educational for her educational programs in Wallabies.  One of my favourite programs is about 5 stages of problem solving skills.  The examples through role playing given by Mrs.Maci was easily obsorbed by children which can help them increase heir problem solving skills and find best solution. I think it is an important skill for my son to guide him in kindergarten next year. I also like her plant project for children as it teaches them to develop new skills about science and nature from growing their own food. Her way of teaching and the values that were given by her to he mind of my son and other children will surelye remembered for long. Best regards, Olivia H. (Carlson's mom)

    Olivia H.