Educators at Moore Park Children’s Early Learning Centre facilitate learning by empowering children to make predictions, ask questions and make their own learning choices. The curriculum acknowledges the important role of the educator by being responsive in guiding, supporting and further developing children’s knowledge, skills and interests.

Through observation and listening, we question and suggest new possibilities for children to search and explore meaning in their lives. Sustained shared thinking and intentional teaching practices encourage educators to document information in order to reflectively consider the learning that is occurring. Such documentation leads to informed decision making about the provision of materials and future experiences for the children.

We use documentation as a powerful sharing tool to show genuine respect for a child’s thinking, allowing them time to re-visit theories, understandings and to question knowledge.

We recognise, respect and value the contribution each team member has to the greater team. Educators are valued for their individuality, knowledge, skills, experience and training. We work in collaborative ways to share our knowledge and experience. We understand the importance of reflective practice to inform decisions and lead to more detailed understandings of our work with children.

We are committed to professional development and support educators with opportunities to extend their professional knowledge and skills through a variety of training. We encourage all educators to reflect and share their knowledge of professional work experience. We acknowledge that learning is life-long.